Soleil du Sud: the "pachamama" and Ocean Wise scallops

Le Soleil du Sud: la pachamama et les pétoncles Ocean Wise

Article published on January 20, 2020 on Ocean Wise
January 20, 2020

The fascinating country of Peru is known for the treasures of the Inca Empire, including one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World the Machu Picchu.

Pachamama is the goddess of the Inca mythology in the native language "Quechua and Aymara". Pachamama, which translates to Earth (Pacha) Mother (mama), inspired harmony between the culture of ancient peoples and the nature around them. The Incas were at the mercy of Mother Earth, its mountains, its waters and its valleys, and from there was born their deep respect for nature and all its elements. In Peru, culture continues to be rich in spiritual traditions and respect for the Pachamama persists today.

Having been a world fishing power, this activity represents a major element of the identity of Peru and of Patricia Canales, the founder of the company Le Soleil du Sud. When she arrived in Montreal, Patricia’s main goal was to bring exotic fish and seafood to Canada. Always inspired by Pachamama and its Peruvian roots, its goal was to offer products that stood out for their taste, freshness and superior quality.

In order to always improve her products, Patricia has prioritized reducing the ecological footprint of packaging at Le Soleil du Sud by developing biodegradable packaging with a team of experts. In 2019, it introduced eco-responsible packaging which degrades 100% in four years. Patricia's sustained efforts give us the chance to make informed and responsible choices in our everyday purchases.

Patricia Canales: "Choosing Le Soleil du Sud also means respecting nature, the earth, which allows us to live and survive. A precious asset, composed of four elements. Make a difference one step at a time - one bite at a time! "

Southern Sun scallops are recommended by the Ocean Wise program because they are suspended aquaculture scallops. Curious to see the process ?! Take a look!

Patricia is committed to doing more for society by helping her to know, appreciate and love scallops with traditional recipes, with a personal touch! These recipes take us out of our comfort zone in the kitchen and allow us to live surprising and delicious gastronomic experiences. There is a huge work behind quality and eco-responsibility and it is through considerable efforts that Patricia shares the best of her country!

Ocean Wise invites you to taste the freshness and quality of the Soleil du Sud scallop. A product harvested and transformed in an eco-social and eco-responsible way. To find out more, stay tuned for @lesoleil_dusud!


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